Alexia Ulibarri


Alexia Ulibarri is a Mexican fashion designer born in San Luis Potosí. Her collections are romantic, dreamy and feminine. Since its origins, Alexia has created fashion surrounded by patterns, embroidery and authentic textiles, giving a value to each of her clothing always aimed at the silhouette and beauty of the contemporary women. The development of the graphic identity is based on the idea of ​​designing an unique typography, with which Alexia identifies herself and each one of her collections. In addition, as a complement and part of the system, a symbol was created with the initials "A" and "U", representing thread and embroidery, or the manual act of Haute Couture.

All applications are based on a visual guide that allows to maintain the essence of the brand in multiple formats. This system is based on the hierarchy and the arrangement of images and information in space. The whole set gives a unique language to the brand. Some of the developed applications were: stationery, labels, bags, packaging, patterns, press kits, books of collections and the website.

    Identidad, Papelería

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