A bay is a maritime space that houses ships, allowing exchange between sailors from different latitudes. This is the main metaphor of BAHÍA, a place where companies and people from different areas that focus on innovation are concentrated. The purpose of Bahia is to transform any initial idea into concepts or products ready for the global market. Bahia also works as a HUB that provides support services and strategic alliances so that any boat grows its projects more quickly and safely.

The project of identity derived in the typographic design of each letter of BAHÍA and the creation of a symbol conformed by 2 elements, first the polar star, which served so that the navigators were not lost in the vast sea, and second, the formal representation of the structure of the place or space, a subtle outline of the building. The most important applications were signage, a set of famous phrases related to characters related to technology, design and finance applied to the architecture of the place, the stationery and the website.

    Identidad, Papelería

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