Casa Italia

Italian Heritage

The furniture and design store Casa Italia has its roots in the traditions of the Romano Signor family and its tannery located in the city of Vicenza at west of Venice. The Signorin family has provided custom luxury leathers to a wide range of categories, including: furniture, fashion, footwear, and car interiors for the Veneto region in Italy.. Likewise, for more than 22 years, Casa Italia has proudly offered collections of furniture and lighting with Italian design and manufacturing in collaboration with brands and designers of names such as Poltrona Frau, Barovier & Toso, Catellani & Smith, Grupo Tecno, Erba and Verner Panton.

The project consisted of the redesign of the existing identity, since this one does not represent the growth and future vision of the brand. Also during the diagnosis, it was analyzed that there was no unity between its applications, from the facade of the stores to its paper and digital communication. The main idea of ​​the new identity departures on the arrangement of 4 letters "C" that form an elegant and subtle typographic symbol in a harmonic geometric composition. Its spatial arrangement refers to the disposition of objects (furniture) in space (house). The game that the letters "C" offer result in different graphic applications, where through the composition of these letters in space, textures with movement and contrast were generated. Regarding the logo, the previous capital letters were respected, however, the color was simplified before red and black and the spaces between each letter were worked in detail. The whole is sophisticated and represents the past, present and future values ​​of the Signorin family.

    Identity, Stationary
    Elías Architecture

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