Cielo de Oaxaca


One of the best ways to get closer to Mexican culture is through its flavors and mezcal is one of the most characteristic. This brand of mezcal in particular, is inspired by the softness of "Cielo de Oaxaca", discovers the flavor of a land that celebrates the atmosphere of the Mexican southwest and denotes softness in quality without losing aroma and traditional flavor of the Oaxacan lands. Mezcal has been part of the Mesoamerican culture since ancient times, some groups like the Huichols used it only for ceremonies and only the elite could take it. Mezcal is a distillate obtained from different types of maguey such as sprat, tobalá and salmiana, which grow in different mezcal regions.

The maguey, formerly known as meztl, has been cultivated for ten thousand years. From it a drink called mexcalli was obtained whose name refers to cooked agave. The rites involved in its production are still present, and even some mezcal teachers assure that they ask the plant for permission to be harvested, since they know it can take six to eight years to mature. As for its process, once the plant is extracted, it is cut into four parts, since its weight does not allow it to be transported to the complete kiln. The next stage involves a mill where the pineapples are placed and the juice that will be fermented in tanks is extracted. Once this step is finished, it is transferred to a still to distill it twice. The flavor of mezcal is recognized worldwide, however, today those who seek to enjoy it, can choose from a wider variety and can enjoy it in different ways. Oaxaca is a cradle of flavors, smells and sensations, it is a place that teaches about the richness of Mexico, the generosity of its lands and the culinary creativity of its people. As for the graphic identity, a logo with letters and unique composition was designed to reflect the authentic, modern and smooth mezcal. Part of this work consisted of the union of the two words "Cielo" and "Oaxaca" and the "de" proposition, where the latter subtly hides to read "Cielo Oaxaca" at first sight. The project also inspired the design of a symbol, a maguey in the field under a starry night and a soft sky. The design of the bottle was accompanied by a painting by the artist Fernando Andriacci. Among other applications, explanatory illustrations of the mezcal process, the design of a commercial stand, a sub-brand called Suave whose typography is made by hand, website, packaging, stationery and corporate presentation were developed.

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