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Francisco Elías is a Mexican architect who founded Elías Architecture, an office of architecture, interior design, design and construction in Mexico City, from which he attends private and public projects under the philosophy of creating a platform for thought, analysis and research where collaborations with specialists from different fields of knowledge are integrated to carry out personalized projects that strictly meet the requirements that each project demands, in other words "a tailored suit". Elías Architecture has works in cities such as Mexico, Miami, San Antonio and Paris. The project consisted of sensitizing the existing identity, the name was worked, the square symbol with the letters "E" and "A" and all the stationery. A more classic, solid and scalable identity system.

Among the most important applications is the book that celebrates 10 years of projects, in this, the entire basis of editorial design is based on the idea of ​​abstracting a timeline and the projects that live at each stage during the decade. The lines that appear are part of the graph and are applied later in the individual information of each project. Likewise, the work of 10 digital postcards or infographics that show, among other things, the countries where Elias Architecture has collaborated, a selection of images of architectural projects and collaborators, etc.

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