La Mezcaleada


La Mezcaleada is a mezcal foundation created by the architect Jorge Vázquez Abarca. The identity contains several premises, including privileging the feeling of the manual process, in other words, the human hand behind the final result. As a formal semantic metaphor of belonging, there is a reference the "Ex Libris", personal stamps that indicate to whom a book belongs. They are understood as manual work and "custom made". Under this idea, the symbol emerges from a series of sketches of free strokes, without ornaments and great value within the range of signs.

In the process, the visual weight of the letters and their balance between them is compensated, despite the lack of a formal geometric grid. The logo and its shapes allowed creating a stencil to easily label large wooden boxes or larger containers. As auxiliary graphic elements, some icons were created that have a formal relationship with the logo, simple lines, abstracting from the forms as necessary, but keeping a more geometric and less free stroke than in the typography to emphasize contrast in the components of the identity. The chromatic code obeys to colors of the natural elements of the earth and the sky, as well as the accompaniment of a complementary logic between the descriptive text and the logo.

    Branding, Typography, Symbol

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