Lacuna "El Circo de Todos" is a circus experience created by the designer Sol Santibañez. Lacuna and its characters, costumes, make-up, narrative and scenography brake the paradigms of traditional circus. Sol explains "The circus ring is a powerful circle. It borders the territory of a treasure that needs to be excavated. In this circus you have to act like someone who digs. And each stone, each flower, each sprout of this fertile soil, is a wardrobe. The perfect ceremonial of this circus rite is that the powerful circle contains all the costumes and all the typologies on its floor. Inside there are the splendid clothes with which Arlecchino, the Horse of Philip Astley, the Lion of Calder and Jules Leotard will have to wear an elastic leotard like chewing gum.

Also the flare garments of the Tiger and the strong garments of the weak Man. It happens that these clothes place us before the border of art and life. The game is that of the representations and we will have to elucidate, while we play, who represents and who is represented. Look at the deep goodness with which this game is embroidered ... "The identity is inspired by the previous words, old circus posters, Atayde's Circus graphics, in the texts and images of the book Circo, Maroma y Teatro by Luis Reyes de la Maza and other deep references of the circus as a concept and form of imagination. To fulfill the fantasy that emanates from the project itself, a logo with unique letters was designed, where the letter "C", for example is inspired by the text of Francisco Serrano, which alludes to the circle as the abstract form of the scenario where everything happens: "Round as the sun, clear as the moon, surprising, subtle, vertiginous and pure, the ring of the circus is a magnetic field where the dream prevails, the amazement, the laughter, the magic of childhood, the happy exaltation. Wheel that transports us to a suspended time, chorus of basic notes, rehilete, drum. Suredoble is the tense sublimation of the body, boldness turned into expertise and grace. Vivacity, boldness, audacity, lightness: the circus elucidates its round of wonders. Strident and ambiguous nostalgic officiants clowns shake the tree of laughter. Like ripples in the water, his reverberations, one another, trace enigmatic circles. In this simple, weightless, astronomical, tender and unpredictable ring of surprises where life and dream agree an emotional game that leads us without ties and without limits to the heart of the world, we all reflect ourselves. "¨ Finally, the illustrations that accompany the identity were created by Juan Santibañez, these in conjunction with the identity, make up an experience that celebrates the unpredictable, the human, the game and diversity.

    Identidad, Papelería

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