Lifedots is a free mobile application that focuses on healing content from social networks, in other words, its an app that facilitate the collection of memories. The project consisted of designing the entire visual identity system, from the logotype and symbol, to the complete experience and digital interaction of the user with the app. The idea of ​​the symbol starts from a harmonic form resulting from the application of mathematics that are incrusted in nature, the shell of Nautilus.

Mathematics has always tried to find logical relationships with nature, for example in the growth of the plants or the growth of the horns of an elk, the movement of the molecules, in the trajectory and behavior of the ants, the movement of the stars etc. The shape of the shell ymbol is as a whole, a cluster of significant moments ordered under an aesthetic criterion, a genuine form that alludes to life, its minimal composition, the beauty we find in it and each of the instants that the make up when connecting to each other. Each segment of the spiral represents a stage in the life of living beings. Likewise, the form is built under aureus growth and consists of 144 small circles that when viewed from a distance are perceived as a single element. By dispensing with color and using black on white, the universality of the sign was achieved, working perfectly in conjunction with any photograph or graphic environment. The timelessness of the sign is achieved thanks to the careful study of form, its construction, the context in which it must function and an aesthetic and sensitive intuition. The most interesting application lives in the app, being this the design of virtual postcards or "memories" that emulate and privilege the old way of writing a letter.

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