Módulo is an architecture office involved with other disciplines such as urban design, industrial design, research and teaching based in Mexico City and founded in 2009 by Israel Álvarez and Mariana Tello. His commitment lies in professional explorations from the fields of design to transform complex compositions into clear ideas, following a process that combines innovative ideas and efficient solutions. The name Modulo defines the study and its members as a dynamic work system composed of units specialized in the study of various design problems in a scenario of progressive growth.

In terms of the identity and under the idea of ​​a module, a grid with different geometrical figures was designed as a base, whose purpose was to find ways that could start the development of a typographic logo. From this point, the process began to fill some spaces, getting on the way a letter, the "M". The idea was to appeal to the value of the sign and try to free it of some existing visual reference, starting from that way, the missing letters were created. Once developed, a correction of the spaces between each letter was made, emphasizing a loose kerning, giving the possibility of using a modular secondary typography with a narrower kerning to create an interesting contrast. Finally, all applications, supports and sizes work under a modular grid.

    Identidad, Papelería

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