Museo Frida Khalo


La Casa Azul is a museum that houses the work of Frida Kahlo, a place with splendid gardens, blue of light and large windows.In this space located on the street of London in Coyoacan, in the part of Frida's life, each room describes a particular moment of her life, the people who belong to her, her admiration towards animals and nature. As a creative exercise, an in-depth diagnosis of the graphic communication of the Museum was carried out in all media, from the entrance tickets and signage of the place, to the website aimed at children.

As a result, you can not count on a solid system, a language of your own and a communication that clicks on the project and its multiplicities. For this reason the logo has been redesigned, the partition of the origin, the development of each of the letters and its composition in a square, respecting the original idea of ​​the first book, but taking care of the spaces and harmony of each letter divided into three lines. This inspired a break down of the symbol and exploit typography in other applications with greater freedom. Within the symbol and after the first two words "MUSEUM" and "FRIDA", three new frames inspired by Frida's costumes and textures were worked on, giving a new gesture to that part of the symbol. This space is an invitation, a window to the world of Frida. These plots, the new symbol and the typography are, in general, in the free way in the posters, tickets, postcards and other graphic applications. Image used from Frida Kahlo archive

    Identidad, Papelería

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