It is the first knowledge of the person and their needs, concerns and desires. At this stage we understand the elements of the design problem through the collection of information that will help us guide the process from the beginning. It is the first contact with ideas.


    Once the design problem is understood, the first impulse arises, guided by intuition and feeling, the first sketches are created, that is, the primary ideas of the project. In this stage it is not limited to logic and reason, it is pure creation.


    After the first impulse, the search continues, an exploration of sources derived from the inspiration of nature, literature, the state of things, different knowledge, poetry, music and the arts. Here we find references that will help us create what does not exist.


    The first conclusions are exposed at sketch level, those roads that work to cover the needs and desires of the project. In this stage, feedback is obtained that will help to direct and polish the idea, it is the primary decision that has been selected based on the experience and feelings of all those involved. It is the germ idea where everything will sprout and flourish.


    With the germ idea selected, it is time for experimentation, intense play, all those acts, actions and gestures that euphorically express everything necessary for the project. All the potential, what could be, the nonexistent. At this time the idea developed to its maximum potential is shown. All applications of the graphic system are approved.


    At this time the idea developed to its maximum potential is shown. All applications of the graphic system are approved.


    In this stage a cross is made with the analysis to obtain the viability, costs, times, and technology, this will help us land the applications and outputs of the project.


    The graphic system is developed with congruence, expression and meaning, providing significant applications and the necessary arguments for the project.


    The acts of the process materialize, the results are tangible and derive in signs, objects, images, experiences, services, etc. The client receives all the archives and deliverables


    The materialization derives in culture and therefore there is a responsibility in the act of design, an inherent responsibility in the creation of artificial world, because every action has repercussions in the sphere of the constructed world, in the sphere of human geography, in the sphere of natural geography and in the sphere of the symbolic world.