Stephan Ach

Miami Photographer

Stephan Ach is a German photographer graduated from the School of Art and Photography in Munich. Born from a family of theater actors, Stephan was exposed to the art world from very early on, experiencing the fantasy, adrenaline and eccentricity of the stages. With the decision of photography as an artistic discipline, he has compiled an extensive portfolio and worked in cities such as New York, Paris, Munich, Barcelona and Miami, among others. Stephan Ach explores the world in search of the unknown; what exists behind our visual reality.

His photographs capture fleeting moments that reflect a unique experience. Likewise, his work reflects elements of surprise that he finds in different environments: flexibility, softness, warmth and expressiveness. In collaboration with Alejandro Bahamón and his Latin office, two large projects were designed for Stephan Ach, firstly the website, where the main concept was to visually and clearly present the two main categories of his work: art and fashion. In the virtual tour of all sections, your photographs stand out at all times under a grid that adapts to all screens and mobile devices. Likewise, the main menu remains fixed without being intrusive at all times. The second project consisted in the editorial design of the book "Body of Work" that shows the photographer's most outstanding work on body and fashion. Finally, both projects required a logotype design that would reflect Stephan's personality and at the same time not occupy so much attention, but simply sign his images. Therefore, the name was worked in capital letters, where the spaces between each letter and the union between the name and the last name were taken care of.

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