Visibilizando el Autismo

9 myths around autism

Autism is an extraordinarily complex and enigmatic human condition that occurs in the invisibility of the brain. This way of being in the world is not attached to a single theory or cause, on the contrary, it opens new ways of perceiving uniqueness, embracing diversity and nurturing human experience.

Due to the disconcerting nature of the condition, myths have emerged that have contributed to stigmatizing autism deeply in the social imaginary. The misinformation that surrounds this condition of life makes their understanding confusing and complex. The myths that circulate to autism and incorrectly mediated information in the social imaginary, create uncertainty, prejudice, fear, confusion and, in some cases, false hopes among interested people, discarding on the way to the reality of the condition. The following project addresses this problem, trying to inform society through a visual, playful and human. In each of the following illustrations a different myth regarding autism will be shown; We invite you to learn more about each one of them in the links that we will share in the respective posts. 9 great myths about autism Collaborative Project by Edgar Ludert @nautadelampo and Greta Haaz @gretahaazart

    Social Innovation, Complex Problems, Autism

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